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Dang Hoang Nhu Nguyen
Dang Hoang Nhu Nguyen

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Kick off "Better Than Yesterday" Challenge

Better Than Yesterday is the thing I want to do all the time but currently not hard enough to make any difference.

So, I rely on this channel as rocket fuel to myself. Every day, I will try my best to learn something, even a small one, and push some notes here as a record. If I fail any day, I will donate 5$ to a free educational stuff that has helped me learn in the past.

Contents are about: Python, AI in Computer Vision, MLOps and Productivity. Notice that I'm not an expert in any domains above so please don't expect any fancy things. It's all simple at the beginning of the journey.

Consistency is the key.

Let's see what will happen. 😉

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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