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SEO tips for 2020

Search engine optimisation SEO is the method of getting organic traffic by ranking in the search results of search engines.

Before understanding the SEO, one must know how search engines work. Search engines are like the librarians of the internet. People depend on the search engines every day for the content they need. Search engines need a system to know what exactly websites contain in their pages and how much this content is relevant to the search engine users what they are looking for. The search engines collect a lot of information form the websites and sort them according to the relevance of the user’s search. Every search engine has a secret recipe called an algorithm for transforming all the information into valuable search results.

For the website holders, search results matter a lot. If the website pages rank higher in the search results, it will get more people to that website. For higher ranks, your pages must contain all the ingredients of the search engine ranking recipe or algorithm. The strategy to get those ranking ingredients into your website is known as search engine optimisation or SEO.

Online markets already know the main ingredients of SEO. These include but not limited to just keywords, titles, backlinks, and age of a website. Moreover, the search engine keeps on updating its algorithm every year to make the user experience better. For instance, Google introduced the mobile-friendly layout of the website as an ingredient for the web ranking back in 2016. In this article, we will look into the SEO strategies for 2020. With the increasing number of websites every day, the best way to develop robust search engine optimisation is to look into the ingredients which are still missed by most of the sites.

Rich Snippet

Rich snippets for sure generate more traffic for your website by helping your site to rank on the first pages in 2020. According to Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) data, more than half of the pages click generate through informational rich and attractive snippets. The best way of getting featured snippets is to induct the keywords in questions within the content of your page. The data shows the most of the featured snippets contain keywords in the form of a question. Keywords in the form of “comparison” and “preposition” also lead to featured snippets.

Featured snippets questions finding includes the words like “why”, “our”, “will”, “does”, “do”, “can”, and “is”. Preposition featured snippets findings includes the words like “for”, “like”, “to”, “with”, and “without”. Moreover, the comparison findings of featured snippet include, “compare”, “pricing”, “price”, “vs”, and “comparing”. It is good practice to create the paragraph within the range of 40–60 words to rank in the featured snippets.

Website security

There was a time when SEO do not take the security of the website seriously. But, with the trends of more and more online businesses needs transactions, website security is getting one of the top priorities in search engine ranking algorithms. Apart from the search engine ranking algorithm, the security of a website is critical for good user experience. If your website shows “not secure” notification, it can not convert your visitor into your regular audience. So, it is vital to enable the HTTPS protocol for the SEO of your website.

User-focused content architecture

2020 is going to be the year for user-focused search engine optimisation. BERT is Google’s latest update in its SEO algorithm, and it is related to user-focused content. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Material written according to user intent will usually rank higher. So, the user may find the desired content easily on the page rather than wandering here and there. But if you are an SEO specialist, you need to understand the procedure of indexing, like how google bots crawl through the website page and collect the information to show in the search results. So, preparing a clean architecture of your content will help the crawlers to find relevant information easily on your website. This will not only boost your search engine ranking but also leads your content to featured snippets.

Content quality

The quality of content will remain the part of SEO algorithms as always. Paid online marketing is getting expensive in 2020 and still, according to the statistics, the ads don’t create much traffic. It is vital to produce engaging content regularly on your business websites. To develop high-quality, engaging content first, you need to understand what people want to read. The content should be easy to understand and should have a low learning curve. It should provide solutions to the readers. A well-researched and properly structured content will lead the people to your website through organic traffic. Do not use difficult phases. If the user can understand your words, all will go vain and it will cause a high bounce rate to your web traffic.

Digital quality of websites

With more and more sites coming every day online, the digital experience will be one of the significant trends for SEO in 2020. If the pages do not load quickly, the content will not be much accessible for the reader, and it will lead you to low SEO ranking regardless of the excellent content quality. In the digital experience of users, every second count. A one-second delay in page loading can create a huge traffic loss to your website. Moreover, the digital experience is extending to mobile-friendly versions. Google report that around 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices, so it is an inevitability that your website must load fast on those devices as well.

Analytics illustration

SEO is heading fast towards new strategies with the adoption of new technologies. These tips will help you in getting the maximum optimisation of your website in 2020. Make sure that you have all the SEO ingredients on your websites to get better ranking this year. Have an eye on the demanding content to gather more audience in 2020. Implement SEO strategies precisely.

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