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Discussion on: Useful Tools for Developers

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Nick Taylor (he/him)
  • is great for API documentation and works offline.
  • MDN docs are great. If you're on a Mac and use Alfred there is a great workflow for it. That and more in My Mac Setup if you're interested.
  • npx add-gitignore for adding a git ignore file to your project for a specific language

TejasQ / add-gitignore

An interactive CLI tool that adds a .gitignore to your projects.


This tiny CLI script that generates a .gitignore file for your projects.

add-gitignore demo


You'll want to make sure you have NodeJS installed on your computer. Then, setup is as simple as:

  • npx add-gitignore

If you've got an older version of node that doesn't yet have npx, here's a more traditional setup:

  • npm i -g add-gitignore
  • add-gitignore macOS Emacs node # or whatever you need

Alternatively, running just add-gitignore gives you a nice multi-select interface from which you can choose what to ignore, and using the --help flag helps you out.

Special Thanks

I hope this makes your life easier.

Made with ❤️.

  • VS Code is great. If you use it, here's my setup, although it's a little out of date.
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Lucas Bittencourt Author • Edited

Thanks, Taylor! I've added your suggestions in this post. Thanks again, and have a nice day.