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dom-chef - Build DOM Elements with JSX

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I came across dom-chef while working on a PR for migrating Refined GitHub to TypeScript (WIP and something that is interesting on its own if you're new to TypeScript).

At a quick first glance, I thought Refined GitHub was built with React, but as soon as I had that second sip of coffee, I realized it was just JS with some JSX in it.


  • No API, JSX gets auto transformed into actual DOM elements
  • Protection from XSS injections
  • Partial SVG support
  • React-like props naming (including events)
  • Mix any DOM elements inside

This is definitely interesting if you're a fan of JSX.

Check out the repository

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🍔 Build DOM elements using JSX automatically

Build regular DOM elements using JSX

With dom-chef, you can use Babel or TypeScript to transform JSX into plain old DOM elements, without using the unsafe innerHTML or clumsy document.createElement calls.

It supports everything you expect from JSX, including:

If something isn't supported (or doesn't work as well as it does in React) please open an issue!


$ npm install dom-chef


Make sure to use a JSX transpiler, set JSX pragma to h and optionally the pragmaFrag to DocumentFragment if you need fragment support.

// babel.config.js
const plugins = [
            pragma: 'h',
            pragmaFrag: 'DocumentFragment',
// ...
import {h} from 'dom-chef'
const handleClick = e => {
    // <a> was clicked

const el = (

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Neat find seems a cool alternative to something like nanohtml which does the same but use tagged template literals to construct dom elements