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Liveshare for VS Code is Here!

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Cover photo care of Flickr user Uli Harder

Liveshare is finally here. It's a public preview, but nonetheless, you have the full power to pair program in the editor now in various languages in Visual Studio Code. You can view/edit code or debug together. This is exciting news!

Please comment on your experiences with Liveshare and offer any tips to help others out so that everyone can get the most out of it.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)


Senior software developer at DEV. Caught the live coding bug on Twitch at doingdevfordev.com


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I haven't dived into this yet but I'm excited. I know some of the people working on this sort of stuff at Microsoft and I think they're doing great work.


Me and a co-worker are trying it out tomorrow. All I keep hearing is it's amazing 😱🙀, so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. 🔥


Somebody has won the Pusher contest challenge already.

I just used it to pair program with two co-workers. OMG it is amazing. This software is a game changer. Kudos to Microsoft. 🔥

Can't wait to get started with it.

remote pair programming for the win :D


I think this is a cool feature, but I'd be cautious about using this feature for a few reasons:

  1. Not sure what the Terms of Service around this is.
  2. Data privacy concerns due to data being transmitted from one user to the other through *.vsrtc.visualstudio.com.

A raucous exploded when it was discovered that Kite startup hired THE Atom Minimap developer, acquired a Python autocomplete open-source library, and enabled "telemetry collection" in order to offer Atom/Sublime developers smarter, cloud-based auto-completion based on data collected from other editors that have the same plugins installed. Full details here

I'm excited to remote pair with community members! All this definitely has me thinking about ways we can roll in with dev.to stuff.


For the die-hard vim users out there, there are 2 popular plugins that achieve real-time collaborative coding with 2 different approaches.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried either one. I just know of their existence, so test at your own risk.

  1. CoVim: direct, peer-to-peer connections
  2. Floobits: a service made possible by floobits.com

Looks like there is now audio support for LiveShare! 🔥📞 Looks like there's an issue with liquid tags at the moment, so check out twitter.com/nickytonline/status/10...


We've just tried it with a coworker, it's definitely the feature we were looking for remote debugging and pair programming 🤩


This is the best tool for remotly developers, too much simplified the process to debug with the coworkers


They finally put out the LiveShare feature I've been waiting for. Follow the person's actions in LiveShare with the ability to toggle it. 🔥


Looks like there's an extension pack now for all the Liveshare goodies thanks to @lostintangent .