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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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What's your go to Rust resources?

We're getting close to the new year and I've heard from several folks in my circles that they're looking to learn Rust.

What's your go to Rust resources? They can be beginner resources, advanced etc. If you have a post on DEV or elsewhere that you think folks might find helpful, include that too!

Drop 'em all in the comments!

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Denys Séguret • Edited

Almost every day, I see people get lost trying to emulate pointers, often in some kind of linked list or similar structure reminiscent of their CS courses days. Or losing time trying to imitate OOP patterns in Rust.

This started a study of common errors people make when trying to learn Rust, and I finally wrote this blog post: How not to learn Rust.

This post isn't how you would learn Rust, but a reading I suggest to people at the beginning of this adventure.

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Chakrapani Gautam

I read this article a few days ago and now it's bookmarked! I found it just the right time as I wasn't sure how to start again. All previous attempts went in vain, haha.

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Nick Taylor

Thanks for the share!

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Nick Taylor • Edited

I did a Rust course and streamed it. No pressure to watch it, but you may find it helpful.

The course I did in my stream above was Take your first steps with Rust from Microsoft.

Rustlings is great too.

GitHub logo rust-lang / rustlings

🦀 Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!

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rustlings 🦀❤️

Greetings and welcome to rustlings. This project contains small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code. This includes reading and responding to compiler messages!

...looking for the old, web-based version of Rustlings? Try here

Alternatively, for a first-time Rust learner, there are several other resources:

  • The Book - The most comprehensive resource for learning Rust, but a bit theoretical sometimes. You will be using this along with Rustlings!
  • Rust By Example - Learn Rust by solving little exercises! It's almost like rustlings, but online

Getting Started

Note: If you're on MacOS, make sure you've installed Xcode and its developer tools by typing xcode-select --install.

You will need to have Rust installed. You can get it by visiting This'll also install Cargo, Rust's package/project manager.


Just run:

curl -L | bash
# Or if you want it
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I haven't taken it, but the freeCodeCamp Rust course is supposed to be awesome.

There is the Rust book itself, freely available, but some folks say it's too dry. I started it but it did get a little too dry for me too.

Also, if you have an education fund at work, I bought the Rust Adventure course from Chris Biscardi. I haven't had time to do it yet, but it's supposed to be awesome.

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Even three years later I find this tweet thread still useful:

Working through:
1 The Rust Programming Language
2 Rust By Example
3 Programming Rust

before the stereotypical "just go and build something" demonstrates just how different Rust is (imperative yet expression based, ownership/lifetimes, traits).

Learn Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists can be a good guided tour on how these capabilities can be used even on something so deceptively simple.

The free sample chapter of Rust for Rustaceans is amazing — it's intended as a review for the intermediate developer but also serves as a 17 page outline of the characteristics that make Rust so different from the more established languages.

Stop thinking in terms of (im)mutablity:

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first install rust, then...
use this magic cli command
rustup docs --book
rustup docs --rust-by-example

the above will open a local copy of the appropriate rust books in your browser

rustup docs --help for even more options!

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ender minyard
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Nick Taylor • Edited

Thanks for the share!

Yes, that's awesome!

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Stefan Wuthrich

After you learned Rust you might use to find a Rust Developer Job

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Ben Halpern
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Nick Taylor

Thanks for the share Ben!

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I started with the official docs ("The Book"), and they're excellent - highly recommended to begin with them, and not with some random "quick tutorial".

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Nick Taylor

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Matthew Lucas

I found the exercism rust track great for making the ideas stick and to help make friends with the (initially infuriating) borrow checker.

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Nick Taylor

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