Looking for DEV's Leadership community

nicolasini profile image Nico S___ ・1 min read

I've found the DEV community to be amazing. Lots of empathetic, enthusiastic, and generous people.

I have also found it to be quite tailored towards Software Development (duh, read the name), which is great.

I think that there is a space in this great community for people, like myself, who have come from a Development background and have progressed their careers into Leadership roles.

I have been posting articles from that angle, and reading what I can find from others. But it would be great to start promoting a little corner of DEV to be a bit more inclusive towards people who are at this stage in their career path.

What do you think?


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Would you like to moderate the leadership tag?


Leadership is not a job title. Is guiding and empowering others.

Oh wow, that would be an honor.
A thought of caution though, since I don't know whats involved in moderating a tag, I assume moderation is not a blocking but an enhancement type of activity? Meaning: people won't be blocked from posting if I haven't got around to moderate their post?


Yep. We think of tag moderation as progressive enhancement. We don't levy big responsibility or expectations on anyone. It's more of a nice to have.

The program is still somewhat adhoc, but growing in organization gradually.


I think progressing towards practical leadership would be mean someone starts something a project or an incentive takes up the lead and people start following him while repeating his steps to learn and advance their skills. Eventually a service or a product develops that serves and leadership has fulfilled it's purpose.