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Amazing Project Ideas For Javascript


This article is helpful who want to improve their programming skills or might want to make projects to learn the skills these projects easily improve their knowledge and skills. I created a project list for Beginners, Intermediate & Advance project for programmers.

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Here are some project ideas with category's

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1.Beginners :

(1) Todo App:-
Many people think why I added the todo app because it's the very basic idea of the project but the todo app helps you understand a CRED operations of programing.

(2) Countdown App:-
A countdown app is a very basic app but it helps you to understand time and date so if you are a beginner please create this project.

(3) Calculator:-
A calculator app is also a good project in this app you can understand Math related operations.

2.Intermediate :

(1) Memory Game:-
A memory game is also a good project for intermediate developers when you are done with all the basics then start this project you will learn a lot in this project.

(2) URL Shortener:-
We use a lot of links as a programer so why we need to use another website to short the URL you should create your own it have fun.

(3) Quiz App:-
A quiz app is also a good project for your resume because in a pandemic college are conduct exams online so this quiz app helps you with your resume.

3.Advance :

(1) Movie App:-

When you want to learn advanced stuff then you can create this movie app in this project you learn using API and all the advanced stuff in this project. Check the below post for this movie API.

(2) E-Commerce:-

In e-commerce, the app is many things to learn you will learn a lot of things in that project. An E-commerce app helps to create a strong resume so please try to create this project.

(3) Others:-

There are many other projects you will behave you should be created like YouTube Player, your own framework, chat app, your portfolio, stock market website & many others.

I hope you like this also comments about your thoughts.

Thank you.

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