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When to Switch your Current Job as a Software Engineer?

When to switch your current job as a Software Engineer? This question may or may not have bugged you but it's important to know when it's time to move on.

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Hey, I am perfectly happy with my current job. Why should I switch? Well, you may be satisfied today but it doesn't guarantee that it will remain like this forever.

So, what should I consider before deciding to spend 5 or 10 or more years at a company?

  • How good is the Tech Stack that you are working on? It's a very important aspect of your career that may change where you end up after 20 years in life. Try to talk to people in their late 30s or so, most of them will regret not learning or working on something that they should have. Software Industry is harsh, technologies changes fast. If you don't keep up with the change, you may become unhirable. And someday if your current company decides to let you go? Screwed. Don't spend years in a company that is very conservative to the new technologies or open-source frameworks & libraries. You can also read Must have skills for Frontend Devs in 2021

  • How good is the Pay? Important. I want to be paid what I am worth. It's important to know your worth. How hardworking you are? How versatile you are? Can you adapt to new technologies fast? Are you really good at something that you are working on? Based on all of these, determine your worth. Companies love underpaid employees, as they are getting more value from you. Once you decide that you deserve more, only one thing happens going forward - You get more.

  • Work-Life Balance? It's a debatable point as some people don't care about it. Depending on the type of person you are, take your decision. But remember that for now, you may not be valuing personal time but in the future, it may change. So, account for the health demands that may arise in the future, family & friends. For me, I prefer working out 5 days a week, prepare & eat clean meals, spend time with my girlfriend, hanging out with friends on weekends & travel every quarter.

  • People at work? Your office is your second home. Will you live with a bunch of toxic people at your house? No. I prefer to work at a place where your colleagues can be your friend, your seniors respect you, and your opinion is valued. Think about it.

If you are someone who is not satisfied with one or more of the above-discussed points, you should definitely switch. If you have an imposter syndrome and think you are not that good, trust me you are. It's a fairly common thing in Software Industry, don't think about it. Prepare well, interview, fail, note the questions, study, repeat. This has worked for me, will work for you as well. You can read about My Journey as a Frontend Engineer

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Very relevant points. 👏
Comfort zone is no less than a death trap and most people miss that.

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