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What do you appreciate in your workplace?

Recently, I've seen many complain about their workplaces and how they are not providing the right care for their employees. I do respect that in 100%. However, fortunately not every workplace is like that :) Some places are fantastic. Some companies and teams really know how to get the best of people and make them self-fulfilled.

I believe it is important that we also recognize the good things! So what do you appreciate about your workplace or your team?

To make it even more interesting, try sharing the name of the company you work for + what you appreciate about it! It feels good to show your gratitude.

For me, it's
I love being able to be creative without limitations. I appreciate my team members for being supportive and highly-intelligent. I learn from them every day.

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Kristina Gocheva • Edited

Thanks for sharing I will definitely try it out.

Now, some experience I had in my previous company. This company highly valued security. Security was number one priority. This was great, but it came with downsides. One of the many blocked URLs was this of Spotify. As a developer I listen to music every time I want to focus. Although, this Spotify thing does not sounds big, it really affected my mood. Someone who hasn't used the app might say - just use Youtube or SoundCloud or whatever. But my short answer to these people is simply - it's not the same. And I won't dive into details.
As a conclusion - i appreciate access to music :) :D Of course, there are plenty of other more important things, but I'll stop with this story for now :)

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Nimrod Kramer

Thanks Kristina! Music is priceless. Couldn’t agree more ✌🏻