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SFX & Derp Wars (a Dope Wars clone) [Live Coding Recap]

Streamed: 11/05 on Twitch

πŸ”΄ Watch β‡’ Twitch VOD (replay)

The first goal of the night was getting a random soundbite to play during streams when certain β€œtrigger” words are said.

Example: Someone in chat says β€œwow” in a sentence and a random clip of Owen Wilson sayin β€œwow” plays.

Then we started work on a clone of Dope Wars (which we named Derp Wars).

Wait... Dope Wars?? What!?

In what might have amounted to the best/worst idea I've ever had, chat & I started working on a clone of Dope Wars (aka Drugwars). Dubbed Derp Wars by viewers, the plan is to use the game in educational content. Expect a full tutorial on DEV as well as a YT post coming up in the next week or so! :D

Language(s) Used: Python
Tech & lib(s) used: VSCode, TwitchIO
Project Repository ⭐ DeepThonk

πŸ‘‡ Code & notes from stream down below! :D

During the stream we...

βœ” continued working on the random sfx feature we started last stream
βœ” realized we need Honk The Planet t-shirts
βœ” made a note to get the Big Dict() Energy t-shirts done too
βœ” created a class for interfacing with the server
βœ” got random sfx working and CELEBRATED πŸŽ‰ (wow)
βœ” freaked out because we thought the streamdeck broke
βœ” started working on Derp Wars
βœ” got a basic MVP working!
βœ” raided @HighGai, a rad Japanese/English streamer

Here's some code we wrote during the stream...

In the bot app, we listen for message events. When a message event comes through, we tokenizeβ„’ the content, check to see if a trigger word was said, then emit a websocket event to the server to play the sound if it does.

# in
randos = server_interface.get_randos() # get sfx trigger words from server

async def rando_sfx(ctx):
    'listens for certain words then triggers a sfx from them'

    # make sure bot ignores itself
    author =
    if author == twitch_bot_nick.lower():

    # listen for trigger words in messages
    for word in randos:
        if word.lower() in ctx.content.lower().split(' '):
            # emit ws event to call the sfx from teh server
            await emit_rando_sfx(word.lower())
            log.debug(f"WE HEARD A WORD!! ({word})")  # it's bird
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The function that emits the ws is pretty simple. It just talks to the Flask server that hosts the browser source that queues and plays the audio.

# in
async def emit_rando_sfx(word):
    'tell teh server a rando sfx word was said'
    await sio.emit(event='rando', data=word)
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When the server receives the ws, it's all like "Aiight, I'll let the page know." Then it finger guns into infinity. πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ˆ

# in (the Flask app)
def sfx_event(word, methods=['GET', 'POST']):
    'Recievs SFX requests from bot app & triggers SFX on the Browser Source'

    word_said = str(word)  # i'm tellin ya, it's bird.

    # choose a random file in directory
    random_file = random.choice(os.listdir(f'static/sfx/randos/{word_said}/'))

    # emit play rando sfx to the webpage thingy
    socketio.emit('rando triggered', [word_said, random_file])
    log.debug(f"RANDO Triggered => {word_said}")
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From that point, the web page just listens for the websocket and queues up the audio to play.

// in sfx.js
socket.on( 'rando triggered', msg => {
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There are a few tweaks we need to make to the code to make it flawless. For instance, since we’re tokenizing/splitting with spaces, this code won’t work with trigger words next to punctuation of any kind. We’ll tackle those issues on an upcoming stream. :)

Live Coding Schedule

That pretty much wraps things up for this stream. If you have any questions about the code, Python, or any of the tech used in general - swing by during a live stream and say hello!

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