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πŸ’Ύ bun9000
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Adding TTS to the Twitch Shoutout Bot [Live Coding Recap]

Streamed: 10/9 on Twitch

🚨 Streamer tool upgrade! During this live coding session, we added TTS functionality to the Twitch Shoutout Bot!

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Topic(s): Creating a single-purpose bot for shouting out Twitch team members and subscribers in chat
Language(s): Python, Javascript
Tech, Lib(s): VSCode, TwitchIO, websockets (SocketIO)

During the stream we...

βœ” decided on an audio library to use (pygame)
βœ” built out a little classymajig to play the audio
βœ” added a method to the class to play tts
βœ” debated endlessly on how to play mp3s from api calls w/python
βœ” forgot to hide chrome while coding (hawwwkkwarrrd πŸ™„)
βœ” got some help from jigo β™₯ tyyyyy
βœ” tried using a diff library (cuz ofc)
βœ” diff library was a bad choice 😬
βœ” learned how eyebrows work πŸ€ͺ
βœ” struggled w/ pygame holding on to files after it plays it, blocking subsequent tts calls
βœ” resolved the bug and discovered a "technique" called "double-buffering"
βœ” GOT TTS TO PLAY! implemented the function into event logic 😎
βœ” cleaned up the code a bit and made commits to dev
βœ” fed some sheep b4 we raided al sweigart :3
βœ” accidentally hit the raid button too soon... 😏

In the next stream...

We'll tie up any loose ends and make sure everything is documented and easy to deploy... then start planning our next project!

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