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DevLids 200-Milestone & Help Needed

See the last paragraph for the part I need help with

Yesterday my little hobby-project reached 200 contributors. (There are some people with more than one, so the total number of images is a bit higher)

Where did I get 200 lids?

I got lots of content (especially in the beginning) from, so thank you all for sticking paper on your horribly expensive machines! Also thanks to Ali for her shoutout.

Most lids I get from searching and asking on Twitter. I had lots of SalesForce-folks tweeting me in the last days. (They do have some cool stickers! Where do I get those?).

Last week I did a short talk about DevLids at the React-Day in Berlin, at the GitNation-Open-Source-Stage (it starts at 05:08:30-ish). From there I also got a few submissions.

For me it's more important to keep it running slowly but steadily. The most interesting thing will be to look back in five years and giggle at the old stuff ("hihi, remember EDGE?" or "remember LAPTOPS?").

I don't have many followers on any platform, so I don't expect any bursts of submissions, anyways.

How popular is DevLids?

As little as I care about popularity (I just want something I can look at when I can't sleep), sometimes I'm curious about the reach.

DevLids has no analytics, but my hoster is providing some basic insight, and it looks like there are at least a couple hundred visitors a month, which is way more than any other project I did before.

DevLids Stats

What else is happening in the Lidiverse?

  • Slight updates of the layout, with a (hopefully) clearer and bigger how-to-sumbit-section.
  • There's a React-version of DevLids, but it's just a playground for learning, it won't replace the current version.
  • There's an alphabetic list of contributors.
  • I had some stickers made! I can't send them to everybody, albeit if you really want some, DM me on Twitter.
  • I'm looking into ways to add tags to the lids and make it sortable by stickers. The Google-Cloud-Logo-Detection works OK, but I guess I'll have to tag by hand.

DevLids Stickers

Want to submit your lid?

Send me a photo on Twitter, or just post it in the comments.

I need help!

I'd like to be able to edit submissions in the browser. I would have to be able to do perspective-cropping for this, which currently I can only do in Photoshop.


If somebody knows a way to do perspective-cropping in the browser, please let me know in the comments. It could be a JS-plugin, paper, or an algorithm which gives me the pixels after defining four points in the source-image. Any hint on what to look for is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!

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Ben Greenberg

Great project!

Not sure if they have what you need, but Cloudinary has tons of resources for on demand image manipulation, and I believe they have a free tier:

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Ben Halpern

Yep, looks like Cloudinary might be just what you want:

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Antonio Radovcic

Uuuh thank you! It's kinda the opposite of what I need, but this lead me to Imagemagick and Four Point Distortion Methods, which seems to be the exact thing I need. Thanks!

Your lid is still missing BTW.

Thread Thread
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Ben Halpern


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David J Eddy

DeSkew Idea: ->

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Antonio Radovcic

Thanks! Photopea looks like a good PS-alternative.

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Boris Jamot ✊ /

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Antonio Radovcic

This somehow got buried in my notifications, I'm so sorry.
I added it now =>

Thank you πŸ’―

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