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What is YAML File?

YAML (Yet Another Markup Language):

YAML is an indentation-based markup language. If you are a developer then maybe you saw this file or hear about it. So let's start pros and cons of the YAML file. Mostly the DevOps engineers are using this file besides this also developer now using YAML. Many Developers using this file because of its readability, simplicity, and good support for many programming languages.

Here is an example:

  name: Nipu chakraborty
  age: 24
  address: Bangladesh, Dhaka
  phone: '0182XXXXXXXXX'
  - javascript: 3 Year
  - nodejs: 3Year
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When you create and YAML file it's extension should be .yml. You can see here the YAML file started with --- (triple dash).Triple dashes use (“---”) to separate directives from document content. that means these dashes indicate the start of a new YAML document. you can use multiple ("---") dash for create new document in a file.

Scalars, or variables:

You can write in YAML file, String , Number, Boolean type data.


  1. YAML is a data-oriented mark up language what support in multiple language
  2. You can convert YAML file easily in JSON formate.
  3. It's helpful for Docker compose & also CI/CD

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