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Simple UI Component Library Project Based On Tailwind UI Components Design

Hey Everyone👋!
Welcome to my first ever online blog post. I have always been a fan of web design and believed in creating something elegant and beautiful but functional at the same time.

Several months ago I discovered a utility first framework called Tailwind CSS and after using it in a few of my projects I was hooked to the concept. Now from the start of my career, I have always been a front-end developer responsible for bringing the design files to life in a browser. Even though I consider myself to be quite good😅 at recreating those UI files I suck at creating a UI from scratch. A few months ago I learned that the founders of Tailwind CSS have launched a UI Components library called Tailwind UI built using Tailwind CSS.

After going through their UI components repository I was amazed by their simplistic design having functional use. So I challenged myself to recreate those UI components but only using CSS/SCSS.

At the point of writing this blog post, I have around 125 UI components on the website. Following are few UI component examples.


Now please note that this project is still in development and I will keep on adding new components from Tailwind UI whenever I have some spare time. Drop in a comment if you liked/disliked anything about those components.


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Moinul Moin

great work!

I am highly interested to know how you make this component library website? i mean you make the website design and develop from scratch? or use any service make your component library site instant with features like preview and code showing


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Eric The Coder

Good job 👍

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Nisarg Patel

Thank you✌

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Why this looks similar to