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nishantwrp profile image Nishant Mittal ・1 min read

Hello everyone,

I was working on revamping my personal site for a couple of days. It would be great if you guys could give feedback.

Initially, the site (https://www.nishantwrp.com/) was just a simple vue app with almost everything hardcoded.

I have revamped the site(https://nishantwrp-develop.netlify.app/) to have the functionality of the blog posts and use better technologies.

Please give your feedback. The feedback could be anything. (content, design etc.)



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  • A little hard to navigate / see all the posts?

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  • What does this mean?
  • Do you consider registering a domain name? Perhaps something like *.dev?
  • Actually, all the posts would be either projects or blogs. So, there are two main headings in the navabar.

  • Actually I'm using Gitalk for comments. And I've not initialized the comments yet.

  • I'll move the site to nishantwrp.com


Hi! Some quick thoughts:

  • You link to your home page in three separate places. Your logo, the navigation bar, and a small "home" link right above your "welcome to my website" message. I think you could keep the link to the home page in your logo, and remove the other two.
  • I think you should cut out the "Hi, Welcome To My Website" altogether. I don't think it adds anything (especially since you're saying "hello" in the sentence underneath it)
  • Some of the logos on the Categories page are very big. I would recommend making all the categories the same size (squares?) so that the user has to scroll less to see them all. I think you should do this on your home page as well, it would look neater if the images were the same size.
  • Looking at the home page on your old site, the images at the bottom are colourful and are all the same size and it looks great! I would recommend bringing that sort of design back to your new site
  • Removed the Home in the navbar.

  • Rather removed the Hello from my intro.

    • I made the sizes of all the cards equal. But it results in some spacing between the cards. Can you please maybe review the design again and tell which one looks better.
  • Made the sizes equal. However, removed the three components CP, ML, Web development because they were things I thought that should go on the CV rather than the site. WDYT?

Also, Thanks for the reviews @emma


Equal sizing looks much better - but I think you should also make the height of the cards more equal too so you don't see that spacing.


Resume link in navbar doesn’t work


I tested it again, it works! Can you provide the steps to reproduce the issue.


I’m using the Dev.to mobile app (apps.apple.com/us/app/dev-communit... ) When I tap the link nishantwrp-develop.netlify.app/ in your post it opens up an internal browser. When I go to the navbar and tap resume it doesn’t do anything. Tested on safari, chrome works fine seems like it’s just the Dev.to app.

Oh, yeah it doesn’t. Maybe because it’s a file.