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Instagram bot using python

・1 min read

Ever worried😟 about not getting more likes👍 or followers🥰 for your Instagram page. Forget about it. In this python project, we will work on an Instagram automation module, which will boost the followers and likes for your Instagram page or post.

You can give your criteria such as what comments to leave, whom to follow, types of posts to like, etc. This automation automatically opens the browser, logs in, and starts doing the tasks as you instructed.

It also tracks and saves the list of users that were followed which will be useful for you to evaluate later and unfollow them after some time.

The advantage of such automation is, it logs every action performed by itself. It mentions the post-it liked, location, commented or not, description, etc.

If you have any doubts you can DM me😊

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Discussion (2)

skypy profile image

I thought instagram is very strict these days for automated likes, comments etc. Even the account will have higher chance of getting blocked for such automation.

delltrak profile image

I agree with you.