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Agrippa 1.2 is out 🎉🎉

Agrippa is growing steadily - it's been out for a little over two months, and already has a small community around it! 🎉🎉

If you're not using Agrippa yet, get started here. If you are using Agrippa, thanks for being part of the community! Let us know what you think about it, here or elsewhere.

Either way, these are the changes introduced in v1.2.0:

In general, the two main changes brought about in v1.2.0 are more options, this time with a focus on supporting different structural conventions that exist among React developers.

Most notably, you can now:

  • export a component as a default export (instead of a named export)
  • declare a component as a function() declaration (instead of as a const with an arrow function)
  • create memo() components.

These changes came as part of a larger reform in component generation. Generation logic was remade from the ground up - instead of a large, unwieldy template, we now have proper composition patterns and a ComponentComposer; internal terminology aside, this reform makes it much easier to scale, maintain and test the generation logic.

Following this reform, we have begun the process of writing standardized tests - testing for some of the core code already exists, and the rest will be covered in the soon future.

In parallel, we got some bonus enhancements - the API docs were rewritten and are now both comprehensive and easy to read, and Agrippa will also now search for a new version when run, so that you'll always be informed when a new version is available.

You can also find this information at the release page.

That's pretty much it! We already have some ideas for v1.3.0 - we're currently looking into adding support for styled-components, React native Stylesheets and Mui 5 styling, writing more tests and more.

Join the community! If you haven't, try Agrippa out, and if you find a bug in Agrippa or want to suggest a new feature, please reach out here or on GitHub.

Thanks for your time, have a great day!

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Raúl Marín

What a great idea! I normally use snippets in vs code for quick boilerplate generation but I see how some devs could prefer using the command line.