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First programming blog

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m currently in the second module of the full-stack immersive software engineer program at Flatiron. Needless to say, I'm new to everything here. But I'm glad I'm not alone.

About me, I was pretty much just fresh out of college and decided that I cannot follow the major that I was very passionate about, Architectural Design. Changing my career path was definitely a big jump, yet I think it is a good time for me to challenge myself into the tech industry, where the most needed jobs are. Despite a lot of obstacles on my way, I'm amazed at how I've gone quite far in my programming journey at Flatiron. Everyone has a different story to tell - yet we all are here for the same purpose of making the best out of our ability to learn and to collaborate with others.

Why I'm here: I was encouraged by my cousin. Self-learning was very distracting for me. So I worked and saved up money for a coding bootcamp.

I love programming whenever a problem is solved, yet I also love programming when I can see myself struggling at a problem, kept hitting my head onto a wall, and in the end, when I finally understand the core issue of the problem, I always learn something new, learn how to solve a problem in a specific way or learn to approach the problem better.

So far, I've learned about Ruby, CLI application, learned how to connect the database with Ruby logics through Object Relational Mapping, using SQL and Active Record. I also learned how to construct and organize my data models using relationship models. From this knowledge, I was able to create my first CLI app project. Actually, I learned more than these and I can go on forever, but let's keep my first blog short. I'm still in the mindset of somewhere between a non-programmer and a somewhat-programmer. I hope I can move on from a somewhat-programmer to a somewhere-programmer soon. Hope everyone has a good week. Chao!

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