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Socket Programming in C: Introduction

Today I am announcing a new series that is underway. The series will teach socket programming in C and will hopefully provide material that is clear and easy to understand especially for those new to sockets and wanting to learn. Plus, if you stick till the end, a reward in the form of a final project is made that I think you will all enjoy.

Why Learn Socket Programming

In the next post, where I will go into more depth to what a socket is, provides a means of communication between two processes which could be across the world provided they are both on the same network. You may want to learn sockets to do just this. Another reason is simply to learn. Nothing wrong with increasing your knowledge about the world around you and becoming more informed in the process.


This series assumes its audience has little to none experience with sockets. With that being said, you will still need how to program in C or even C++.


The next post will talk more about sockets.

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