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Create Toggle Switch in 4 Minutes by Using HTML/CSS/JavaScript

nomangul profile image Noman Gul ・1 min read

Live Demo HERE!

Source Code


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This looks nice, but as it doesn’t use a checkbox input as the underlying control, I would think this would have accessibility issues.


Oh... Joe, maybe your Right. BTW I'm just advancing in my skills and want to learn more and more from seniors :)

Thanks for increasing my knowledge <3


I hope that didn't come across as rude, I didn't mean it to be. It is definitely a cool looking toggle switch. Keep at it!

I only mentioned accessibility because it's something people don't always think about, but is really important.

My next learning target is Accessibility.

Thanks, Joe

I'm so glad your receptive enough to recognise this. Don't forget to update your post to reflect this. So that others can learn like you have. 👏🏾