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I'm looking for contributors for Loggin'JS ✨

Hey there!

I currently work full time as a developer and I also maintain a couple of libraries I made (when time lets me), and I would like to find some help to keep improving them.

The library I'm most interested in getting help with is loggin-js, a NodeJS logger. I know there are a few loggers out there already and will not try and explain why you should use mine instead of some other one, it comes down to personal preference.

To the point

A bit of history

The library started out as a logger for a project at work, I then started using it in other projects and decided to convert it into an npm library, make it Open Source and it would hopefully be useful for someone else... It's been 2 years since I first published it, and use it in mostly every NodeJS project at work.


Here is a snippet of the library in use:

const loggin = require('loggin-js');

const csol = 
    .notifier('console', { name: 'csol' })
    .color(true)   // colored output
    .level('info') // Only info logs and below will be logged -- Follows the standard RFC3164 code (

const file = 
    .pipe(loggin.severity('error'), 'error.log') // write error level and below to 'error.log'
    .pipe(loggin.severity('debug'), 'debug.log'); // write debug level (all logs) to debug.log

const logger =
    notifiers: [csol, file],
    channel: 'logger1',

logger.debug('debug message');'info message');

// Modify notifiers after adding to a logger
// Here on forwards, csol notifier will be disabled and will not output logs

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You can find more examples here

There are some quirky things, that is somewhat the reason to look for help. Because "None of us is better than all of us."

Some features

  • Extensible
  • Lightweight: 59kb after Reducing npm package size by 83%
  • Plugins: MongoDB, express, and more...
  • Format log messages & colored output
  • Notifier: File, Http, Console and more...
  • Log levels: log some stuff as DEBUG, INFO, or just ERRORS, etc...

Helping out

First of, thank you for even considering helping out, it's people like you that make Open Source possible and a better world to code in :P

If you are interested check the lib out, then decide whether you want to help and what you can help with.

Any type of contribution is welcomed, from just giving your opinion to maybe adding a feature, these are some of the ways to help out (from less to more effort):

  • Give it a star on GitHub
  • Give your opinion
  • Share the library
  • Discussing features
  • Recommendations
  • Writing/improving docs
  • Respond to some issues
  • Maybe some coding

If you are interested:

Key Links:

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