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Transfer Photos and Files from Android to Mac, iPhone to Android, and more...

Hey there, DEVs! 👋

I have an exciting project to share with you today. Maybe you find it interesting.

You can give it a try here:

Project Description

I started collaborating a while ago with @simonbengtsson on a project he is developing called AirDash.

GitHub logo simonbengtsson / airdash

File sharing flutter webrtc app enabling sending files to any device from anywhere

AirDash is a PWA and multiplatform Desktop App for sharing files across devices in any direction using WebRTC. You can send images from PC to Android, from Android to Mac, and more.

Our use of WebRTC means:

  • Files are sent directly between the user's devices (not via server), which means maximum speed, privacy, and ease of use.
  • It will allow us to keep it free forever.

AirDash is similar to Airdrop and the upcoming Android Nearby Sharing but with additional platform support.

At the moment, you can only send files from PWA to Desktop, but we are working on getting it to work in both directions. You can follow the progress here.
⚠️ The project is still in the prototyping phase, so it can have bugs, or things might change.

Check out the design

Design made exclusively by @simonbengtsson using Figma. You can check the full design here.

PWA/Web Desktop
PWA Design Desktop Design
Design is not fully implemented in current version.

Goals and Features

  • You can send a file easily
  • You can send multiple files
  • You can send big files
  • Everything is free
  • There is a Mac and Windows app that constantly listens for files
  • There is an Android app (PWA) with which you can use the share menu
  • You can share files through the Web version
  • Getting a file from Android to the Desktop is extremely quick
  • Secure connection
  • Sending from Desktop to Android in-progress
  • Send text from Android to Desktop, i.e., "copy on Android, paste on Mac and vice versa" in-progress


AirDash uses PeerJS, which sends files through WebRTC.

The web app is a PWA (Vanilla JS), which enables users to add it to Android and use some native features such as the Android share menu.

The desktop app is built with Electron (Vanilla JS).

You can learn more over at the project repo.


We are currently working on preparing the v1.0 version; you can learn more here or help us accomplish it 😍

Some features we want to have for v1 are:

  • Send files from Desktop.
  • Receive files in PWA.
  • Fix bugs and improve the design
  • Handle Safari and iPhone

Helping Out

We would ❤️ love it if you could pass by and let us know what you think, and If you like the project you can leave a star or share it with friends.

You could even help us out if you are into that kind of stuff. 😜

You can join our telegram group if you're interested in contributing or knowing more about the project

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see some of you over at AirDash.

Feel free to ask us anything about the project.

That's all; I'm out for now 👋!

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nombrekeff profile image

That's awesome. Thanks a lot 😄 and contributions are very welcomed

mutale85 profile image

I have bookmarked airDash and looking forward to using it.

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Looks cool keen to try it out later.

nombrekeff profile image

Here is a little gif of how it works on Android: