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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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If we're talking about learning... I'm Batman!

2021-09-18 was Batman's Day, and should you have to deal with a nasty bug or with a clown in make up... you have to be prepared!

My question for you today is:

How do you prepare yourself? How do you learn?

Little Disclaimer:

This is what works for me. It maybe won't work for you, and that's ok.

Maybe you're the learning Superman or Wonderwoman...

When I started I did the whole shebang of watching while copying everything... as is... with the bare minimum thought.

I did ended up learning, but I could go only as far as whatever I was watching, and as we know, that's usually not enough.

As I said last week here, we programmers thrive on problems. We need a problem to be able to find some solution... and to find a solution? We need to learn first.

And then comes your inner Batman!

While I could speak all about how Batman trains everyday. That's just the minimum of what you should be doing.

And if you're facing problems, then you're probably been having enough training.

But that's not enough! Not in the least... what you need is...

The utility belt!

If you're a Batman of learning, then you have your own utility belt. And what's so great about it?

You don't need to know by heart how to reverse a binary tree, you just need to know how/where to start!

Filling your belt

Sometimes you have a nasty bug, how did you solve it?

You've seen a video where they did something cool? What did they do?

That's when you fill your belt! And I mean quite literally...

Although I don't recommend you to keep everything in memory, you can do it... but I would really recommend you using something like Notion to keep your notes organized.

Keep a brief summary of what was done, where you've seen it, links, tags... anything to help you later find by one word or phrase.

And when you need it... you just just save Gotham using the tools you've gathered.

The Joker of your Batman Learning

But be careful of one thing: Tutorial Hell!

(That's when you keep on learning without ever using... and that's bad.)

You need to never stop learning, but you also need practice. Too much of one without the other and Gotham will be in danger.

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Cover Photo by Sajjad Ahmadi on Unsplash

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