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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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If you have this three things, you can be a programmer too.

2021-09-13 is Programmers' day, but before you run in terror, please know that my goal is not to make you a programmer.

Not yet...

You see, I have a bachelor in business, and while I never actually used, the mindset did stick with me and helped me along the way. So it doesn't matter where you're coming from, I do believe the Programmers' mindset can help you too.

And with that, I can safely say: you don't need to be a programmer and that's okay.

Seriously... run while you can...

Jokes aside, if you have this three things you can be a programmer. But not because you would be hacking your way into the matrix or anything of the like, but because you're gonna be solving problems.

Programmers solve problems and code is but one of the ways of doing that.

1. Have a problem to solve

If programmers are problem solvers, then it stands to reason that, first and foremost, you need a problem to be solved.

When you have a problem defined, you can start dissecting it, splitting it in smaller, more manageable problems and solve each one of them... and in time even the biggest problems are solved.

2. Laziness

Don't get me wrong here.

You really REALLY need NOT to want to do something, but not in the procrastinating kind of way.

You need the programmers laziness way of thinking: "There should be a better way of doing this..."


Again, not to be confused with frustration and Hulk Smash type of anger.

To do things the way they have always been done is easy. To change is hard.

To overcome the inertia, to focus on study, to overcome every and all errors that arise you need energy... you need ANGER to "say": "I will do it in a better way!"

And that's it. A big problem is something daunting, sometimes impossible to wrap your head around, but if you take it one step at a time you can do it.

And should you start to learn how to program, that's what you would be doing:

  • Split a (coding) problem in smaller (coding) problems
  • Solve each part (with code)
  • Merge everything (with code)
  • ??? (solving errors, bugs... with code)
  • Problem solved! (with code!)

Cover Photo by Lagos Techie on Unsplash

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