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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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If you have these three things, you can be a programmer too. (v2!)

2022-09-13 is Programmers’ Day. Congratulations!

Last year I did my first post, about this same day.

While I still believe in those three things, today I’ll bring three more!

1. Problem-solving skills

Most people think of code problems and solutions, but that is not what a programmer is.

In fact, I would say that code is just a detail!

More than the code problems we have to face, it’s all about the actual problems we solve through code.

I say this because we are eager to think on the stack to use, algorithms, and design patterns to solve the code problems instead of actually checking if this will solve the user’s problems!

2. Distrust

Our code will never be perfect, the users aren’t perfect. There are people counting on that and people counting that stuff won’t simply break.

You should always look both ways before crossing a one-way street!

Apply that to code and everything else.

3. Drive

Programming isn’t easy, but I’m not talking about code.

Languages change, frameworks are ephemeral, companies want to hire only “seniors”, and it’s up to you to juggle a lot of expectations the better you can.

Because of that, you have to have something that motivates you.

Maybe you like to keep learning, or maybe you like creating stuff, maybe it’s helping others…

Programming is life-changing in many aspects, as Uncle Bob said:

We rule the world.

We programmers. We rule the world. We write the rules that make our society work.

More and more we see examples of the world changing because of the code we, programmers, write.

For good or for ill, we are responsible and have the power.

Cover Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

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