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Bruno Noriller
Bruno Noriller

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Java is Lord of the Rings

You might have heard that "Java is Beatles" but I don't know enough music to make the right analogies... And besides...

Maybe music isn't even the right analogy

When people say that "Java is Beatles", they want it to mean that new fads come and go, but good music will still be good music, to be appreciated "forever".

But that's not what's programming is about. More than that, it's more like: people that don't like something and think they can do a better job at it.

So... epic fantasy!

Java is Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is basically what shaped what we consider "epic fantasy", and Java is for many, just like that... whatever you think a programming language should have.

Without a doubt, LOTR has and will always have its place. But here's the thing... as much as I like LOTR... long are the times it could be "the best".

Both Java and LOTR serve their purpose and will hold a place somewhere far longer than fads that come and go. Not only that, they shaped what we understand about a programming language and epic fantasy.

But it's not like epic fantasy and programming stopped there. It might seem like a "fad" now, but "the best" can be already there... in the making.

Maybe even what is a "fad" now, could be a foundation or inspiration for "the best" in the future.

Try putting languages names to those book series:

I'll be putting what I think in the comments too!

  • Malazan Book of the Fallen - Steven Erikson

    This is a hard series to start, and some might say it's "too epic", but is still one of the best epic fantasy series out there.

  • A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R. Martin

    How about this one?
    You've probably heard because of the series... it has certainly become a fad, but it is still a solid epic fantasy series.
    It's still incomplete and even then it's inspiring new books with the same thematic.

  • The Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss

    If you like epic fantasy, then you know this one. It "took the world by storm", but with years between books and the "final" one to one day be released...

  • The Wheel Of Time - Robert Jordan

    Many didn't even knew the name before the new series launched last week, others, are seething in rage on "why" those first never heard of WOT before...
    It's an epic as epic as it can be and the first book have even a "nostalgic" feeling of LOTR.

  • Mistborn - Brandon Sanderson
    As epic as Mistborn can be, it started as the author's second published book.
    It has its flaws but you can feel all the potential and can't deny legions of fans.

  • The Stormlight Archive - Brandon Sanderson
    What is to be his masterpiece, from book one you get sucked into an epic fantasy world.
    Hands down the best epic fantasy you will find out there... and more is yet to come!

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Bruno Noriller

I would actually put C as LOTR since it shaped much of what to expect from programming languages, but, when compared with other works... it might be lacking.
Java would be Malazan, it's hard to get into and have "everything".
ASOIAF would maybe be PHP? Its popularity can't be denied but so is the flame they receive.
Kingkiller... Python? The prose is beautiful and the world is full of possibilities.
WOT is C#/C++, it feels like LOTR but has... so much more.
Mistborn is Javascript. A lot of potential and strong enthusiasts, but has its flaws.
Stormlight Archive is Rust! A masterpiece in the making with people falling in love without even scrapping its surface.