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Facebook ChatBot Using Flask

first of all go here and login with your fb account
Also Install ngrok zip file
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Fill the instructions According to you
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That's it Now We Do Some code
create a folder and using pip install these Modules

pip install pymessenger

pip install requests

pip install flask
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Open your Folder And make a file name

from flask import Flask,request
import requests
from pymessenger import Bot

app =  Flask(__name__)


def handling_message(text):
    adjusted_msg = text
    if adjusted_msg == 'hi' or adjusted_msg == 'Hi':
        response = 'hey'
    elif adjusted_msg == "what's up" or adjusted_msg == "what's up":
        response = "i'm Great"
        response = "it's pleasure to talk with you,Thank you."
    return response

@app.route('/', methods = ["POST","GET"])

def web_hook():
    if request.method == "GET":
        if request.args.get('hub.verify.token') == VERIFY_TOKEN:
            return request.args.get('hub.challenge')

                return 'Unable To Connect Meta'
    elif request.method == 'POST':
        data = request.json
        process = data['entry'][0]['messaging']
        for msg in process:
            text = msg['message']['text']
            sender_id = msg['sender']['id']
            response = handling_message(text)
        return 'Message Delivered'

![Image description](

if  __name__ == '__main__':

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name anything about verify token
Generate page access token and paste above

Now Extract ngrok and paste it in your Workspace

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and ngrok As An Administrator
put this cmd
and Hit Enter

ngrok.exe http 5000
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now you are connected with it
from here copy https that end with .io
and paste it here with token name and save

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Restart your app Build again And You Are Good To Go

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