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Nowshed H. Imran
Nowshed H. Imran

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Banker Learning C: Part 0


Mode change from Banker to Hacker Cat


Let's start with embarrassing myself. I am Nowshed H. Imran. I have completed my BBA and MBA in Banking and started my career in a commercial bank, and currently working in the Central Bank of country(Entry level obviously).

Say, what?

You might ask yourself, what is this atrocity doing here? I am here for the love of open source. I have been using various Linux based Operating Systems for more than 5 years, and along with various open-source software programs.

Why C, not …?

I also sense that a vast portion of financial organization is bound to shift towards Data Science. Thus, I started learning Python, R, and even Julia. I learned a bit and pieces here and there, but I was in a limbo(You may relate to this part). After contemplating a lot, I have decided to learn C. It neither low level like Assembly nor very high level like Python. I won't kill me and if I can get through this, It might be the foundation that I need. As a bonus, there is no end to C related problems whose solution is not already available.


Here are the resources I will be following to complete this trail, I guess!

Online Tutorial

A well curated program in Udemy to have a class lecture like interaction.


  1. C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide by Greg Perry and Dean Miller I will follow this book primarily, as it is targeted towards beginner and explained very thoroughly.
  2. The C Programming Language(2nd Ed.) by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie For reference purpose only.


Vscode. Please listen before throwing the rock. Codeblocks looks hideous in KDE. Neovim still a stretch for me yet. Learning the language comes first, perfect IDE will reveal itself.

Why, this?

The motivation is simple, after reading a ridiculous amount of blogs, it became apparent to me writing while learning is very important. I will learn and write blogs that might help someone like me.


I am really not a novice in this. By using Linux based Operating Systems for a couple of years, I am well versed in terminal, commands, and some technical terms. I am also familiar with the basics Python and R and so, it is easier for me to grasp some concepts. I will try to do my best to tone it down when necessary.

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