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5 GitHub Repos for creating Resumes

There is a chapter in the book Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual which says a resume is like an advertising brochure. The advertisement is trying to get a hiring manager to fork over $60,000, $80,000, or more to rent a software developer for a year. And most cases our resumes are not up to the mark as we are not professional resume writers.

Why write a resume when we can code it.

I have curated five fantastic Github repositories that can be modified easily to create your Resume/CV.

1. salomonelli/best-resume-ever

GitHub stars: 89,300

👔 💼 Build fast 🚀 and easy multiple beautiful resumes and create your best CV ever! Made with Vue and LESS

2. sharu725/online-cv

GitHub stars: 1512

It's A minimal Jekyll Theme to host your resume (CV). Edit data.yml and add your information. it can be hosted easily on Github pages / Netlify.

3. jsonresume/resume-cli

GitHub stars: 3680

JSON Resume is a community-driven open-source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes. The advantage here is that once a JSON is created we can any theme from over 250+ packages listed on npm.

4. WebPraktikos/universal-resume

GitHub stars: 1300

Minimal and formal résumé (CV) website template for print, mobile, and desktop. It's built with amazing Tailwind CSS.

5. elipapa/markdown-cv

GitHub stars: 672

It's a simple template to write your CV in a readable markdown file and use CSS to publish/print it.


  • Check the forks of the repo, to see how other developers have used the template to create their resumes.

  • Host your resume on Github Pages

  • When a resume is created in Jekyll, It a little difficult to create a pdf of resume. use to convert HTML to PDF without any watermark.

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Have a look at the JSON format and this generator

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Kris M.

Thank you for this article. How friendly are these generators for applicant tracking systems (ATS)?

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Nitesh Sawant

Hi, In above generators, the information is indeed organized using proper document structure so it should be easy for ATS to analyze them.

Although their readme files doesn't mention anything about ATS friendliness.

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Miguel Manjarres

May I add this tool to the list? I think it's pretty easy to use:

GitHub logo AmruthPillai / Reactive-Resume

A one-of-a-kind resume builder that keeps your privacy in mind. Completely secure, customizable, portable, open-source and free forever. Try it out today!

A free and open source resume builder.

Crowdin GitHub

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What is this app all about?

Reactive Resume is a free and open source resume builder that’s built to make the mundane tasks of creating, updating and sharing your resume as easy as 1, 2, 3. With this app, you can create multiple resumes, share them with recruiters through a unique link and print as PDF, all for free, no advertisements, without losing the integrity and privacy of your data.

You have complete control over what goes into your resume, how it looks, what colors, what templates, even the layout in which sections placed. Want a dark mode resume? It’s as easy as editing 3 values and you’re done. You don’t need to wait to see your changes either. Everything you type, everything you change, appears immediately on your resume and gets updated in real time.


  • Manage multiple resumes…
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Satyam Lachhwani • Edited