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Hi. I'm a tech recruiter & I believe recruitment sucks.

I was googling 'recruiters are...' when I came across So, I had to sign up once I saw this:

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I loved this post, he's right! I actually own a tech recruitment agency and I am aware of each and every bad practice in the industry.

When I started it, I thought my agency will make everything different. I figured the key to devs’ hearts was through candidate experience. So, we got 4,6/5 for that. We have the candidates’ trust.

To start, we’ve never practiced cold calling. We’ve made our stance on calling people without their consent clear on our website.

We always try to be as transparent as possible, and we were among the first to openly communicate the names of the companies we’re recruiting for.

This speaks volumes about the culture.

But, it’s still not enough.

External recruitment is expensive and talent hates the process. In my career as a recruiter, I’ve learned a simple fact:

👉 Experienced, quality candidates hate being contacted out of the blue by strangers and bombarded with LinkedIn messages and emails from random recruitment agencies.
The only way I managed to reach serious prospects was through referrals by other people from their field.

Cold outreach is hurting your companies reputation and you're wasting time vetting unqualified candidates. Referrals are the fastest, most reliable hires than any other. So I created a platform for that.

Meet Recrooit, a referral platform that helps companies find and hire qualified candidates by harnessing the expertise and the power of the community. As a Recrooiter, you will recommend people from your network, and if they get hired, you'll get a bounty fee.

We will be launching in June, but I still want to learn about your experience with recruiters.

So, tell me - what do you think about cold outreach?
Did any of you get a job through a referral?
Would you bother referring people to get a bounty?

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