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Impressive Updates in Chrome 81 !

nyamador profile image Desmond Updated on ・1 min read

Google Chrome's new update (81) introduced a massive improvement from Augmented Reality, NFC , Nicer default styling for form elements and many more..

How you can use NFC in Javascript

if ("NDEFReader" in window) {
  const reader = new NDEFReader();
  await reader.scan();
  reader.onreading = ({ message }) => {
    console.log(`Message read from a NFC tag: ${message}`);

Read more here
Chrome 81 Updates

New In Chrome


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Wouldn't this be a better way to check for NFCReader support?

if (window.NDEFReader) {
// do something

That's possible..It's just a matter of preference


Thanks for the update! I haven't been keeping much up to date with Chrome lately.

I the main ones are Chrome only features though :(


Thanks for the references