She Came, She Conquered, She Coded

nyehs profile image Emma Fearn ・2 min read

I began coding because...

I've always loved computers. I don't remember an age where I wasn't fascinated with technology, and the way I became closer with that technology was through programming.
I never touched programming properly until I reached Undergraduate level, as it was never offered as an option to me during my compulsory education. I couldn't afford to travel to the nearest college to complete the Computing qualification there, so I tried my hand at C++ in my spare time whilst finishing my A-Levels.
I couldn't really get to grips with it, and decided to head to University and take Computer Science. The rest is history.

I'm currently hacking on...

For my Undergraduate thesis, I'm creating Sign Language Recognition software using the Leap Motion Controller.
I'm also creating my own programming language which follows the design of being structured like you are writing a letter to your computer!
At work I've been tasked with making an Enquiry Management System, which is my first experience of Front-end development.

I'm excited about...

The future of programming in general, so many new projects are being created each day and it's amazing having them be open source so everyone is able to contribute. I'm also really excited about my future as a programmer, I'm currently working at my second tech company while I finish my final year of my degree - then I should be going full time (provided they are happy with my work!).

My advice for other women who code is...

Don't be scared of what people think of you, you can be just as good as anyone else in the industry. Don't let anyone tell you you aren't good enough, or can't do what you dream of because of your gender.


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Hope to see your programming language in the future!