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[META LIST] What twitter lists and people do you follow for developers?

I’ve been pruning and curating my following on twitter/nyxtom and I’m curious what recommended lists/people follow for things like development, indie hacking, hardware hacking, generative art, mathematics...etc

Here are a few that I've found neat:

Updated from Community:

Let me know in the comments below and I'll add you to this meta list! Also, feel free to share your own twitter handle and a bit about what you post if you are interested.

Thanks 🍻

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Vitor Paladini

I have a "Design and Development" list that I've created after this article.

It is mostly front-end people, I use it as an overview of current industry trends and dev shitposts.

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Tom Holloway 🏕

Nice, that looks like a good one

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Berkay Girgin

Didn't know twitter had such thing. 🤦 This looks like really nice feature thanks for sharing.

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Joel Rozen

Can't add to this because despite being a twitter user since 2011, I only just now learnt that they have a concept of "Lists". Thank you! This makes my twitter life so much easier!!!!