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Free JS, Node.js Resources and Community helps till Job

There are many super amazing pathways to start with. If you want to go particularly for Node.js skip directly to it’s section in this answer/article.
I would share few Github repos which you can follow religiously

Also don’t forget to checkout that’s a project created by a fellow learner which shows all the graphical pathways to learn anything in computer science.

For reading materials you can go for — Free Programming Books it has free PDF notes available on all the

  • languages i.e., Python, JavaScript, etc.
  • Frameworks, i.e., React.js, React Native, Angular 4+, Node.js, Laravel(PHP), etc.

If one wants to learn all the Computer Science subjects then you should definitely check out this

2 OSSU to learn and self taught ourselves all the computer science subjects. they have a set of timeline too

Node.js — Now coming back to web development resources

  • FreeCodeCamp (start with this they are super amazing and as soon as you complete their frontEnd certification you will see yourself strong enough to apply for jobs.) Never give a second thought about it has great question answering community on their own site, Facebook, Gitter, even on Node.js IRC Channel to talk about

  • (spend 15 minutes every night whenever you want and you will see yourself growing with JavaScript method usage as well as creating and working around with simple projects)

There are world’s best YouTube Channels to go for e.g.,

  • Academind (Node.js, Express.js and all other HTML, CSS, tid-bits)
  • Net Ninja (Node.js, Express.js and all other HTML, CSS, tid-bits) same as him
  • SentDex (If you want to the Python Way) my Personal favourite
  • Traversy Media
  • Brad Westfall (especially for React.js)
  • (for React.js)
  • Manthan Dave (Node.js)

Then Follow learn programming • r/learnprogramming (learn programming • r/learnprogramming) everyday, the community is so helpful and thriving,
I’d go on /r/learnprogramming community on reddit everyday. There will be people who will be pushing tutorials as well you will find many people wishing to work on some projects in group or pair programming so that way one will be able to create many projects for practices for their ressume.

Then as you would want to know about the more core technology part , learn Data Structures and Algorithms and focus on those skills practice mostly on Hackerrank, LeetCode, Codefights(JavaScript specific), Coderbyte

  • If you want to learn how to use git and contribute to GitHub, by implementing these Data Structures and Algorithms , just checkout Karan’s Mega Project List


  • For that matter I would highly recommend going through CLRS book a.k.a Cormen’s book

    • * and to our wonder Prof. Thomas Cormen, himself is available on Quora for any question-answers.
  • For JavaScript, read You Don’t Know JS if freely available on GitHub

and in 3–5 months you will be ready for more then 7.5 LPA jobs.
Don’t fall in this trap of just advertising and looking at raises from 1.5 LPA to 4–5 LPA

Do search for jobs on AngelList (AngelList), there are many interesting startups wishing to hire you.

And this is widely accepted that FreeCodeCamp doesn’t lack anything so bother any words for Paid resources.

Even in future if you want to learn anything new, always remember there are best free online resources available. Just search with learn programming • r/learnprogramming Reddit/r/learnprogramming you will thank yourself later.

  • If you are more trendy and chatty like me, want to join some Discord server to discuss with others on every error that you come across, go on following discord servers they are official communities from Reddit’s /r/learnprogramming

One thing is sure, there is lot to learn and you will meet so many people online doing the same thing as you that will drive your career well at the same time help you learn with others

Keep working hard, keep codding

For more updates Stay tuned and a upvote won’t cost you any money for free subscription. :D Share more stuff like this that you guys may have come across while your learning and help others. Thanks

I’m writing this answer just because there are many advertising people I’ve seen here on Quora who always market for such online paid resources company.
Keep in mind I’ve nothing against those paid resources but always remember there are always free resources available.
Rather then suggesting paid platforms all the time, and advertising the same platforms everytime from such 2–3 accounts, I would like to suggest free sources that anyone with a simple internet connection might have

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