How to prepare for Front End Jobs 2019! My Collection of resources

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So after giving almost half-a-century of interviews in past eleven months, I have made this stable list of resources to go through. Currently, I got fired so looking for a new opportunity.

To prepare for front end developer role you should prepare well on following topics :

  1. Core JS - OOPS, ES6, Polyfills, Event Loop, Closures, Scope, Execution Context^(always lovely content from him)
  2. CSS - Flexbox, CSS Grid
  3. React - Core React Internals (VDOM), Context API, Hooks, Redux, Redux Saga
  4. Any bundler e.g. Webpack
  5. Caching , HTTP2, Security in Web Apps
  6. Debounce, throttle, Promise, Async Await

I used to read most of the stuff from

  • jsvault.com,
  • javascript.info

Webpack docs are the best to start off with.

Webpack - Module bundler for Javascript Applications

I guess one should deep dive into webpack config. There are so many optimizations that one can do just by tweaking a bit. Vendor libs caching, code splitting are two such things.

A fun and important resource

Keep modularity in mind while developing

for javascript interview questions github page :

for react.js questions github page :

This is more comprehensive for Front-End Developer Interview Questions :

Just like quickies in real life this one is exciting : https://30secondsofinterviews.org/

While giving all these interviews one thing surpriced me is that when I was relaxed and chilled I was able to perform better with less doubt on myself.

Sometimes I just did more data structures and algorithm challanages or some Polyfill question from one day before the interview and if that stuff would make me confuse than during the interview I was lacking self-confidence while giving the answer. Even though I knew I have faced that asked question in some previous interview. So on a personal not always stay healthy, fresh, clear and light minded before you go for it.

Please do share any exciting more fun resources that helps one learn easily.

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Game Of Thrones is real PERIOD Learning #Node.js, #express.js #JavaScript, #Python, #Reactjs #Redux


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One piece of advice don't say you got fired, and finding a Job in Ahmedabad will be easier. Good luck!


Ohh yeah I understand that thing thanks for pointing out btw I'm in Bangalore. If I get something in Ahmedabad then it would be amazing


After my startup disaster in Bangalore, my career largely started in Ahmedabad plus i am from Ahmedabad so that it was easier to stay home and find a job. Ahmedabad is easier due to lack of good developers, Bangalore is quite competitive. Though its a good place once you are experienced.

Woah woah woah man! Its my home too. Yeah Bangalore is good place but you can see my other comment I had vary flabour of experiences here also. Bangalore as a city is deteriorating though.

Just yesterday I denied completing a task in interview, because they wanted me to build a BitCoin Stock Exchange like app with Websocket bitcoin api to create rooms for trading and stuff and then also have search implemented. Which sounded bad so I straight forward denied.

I would really love to head back home (Ahmedabad) now or get a remote one.

Thank you for sharing your story.

That is a little too much, "An entire exchange" for a task? This is crazy, perhaps you can try geektrust there you have to solve only one problem. An abstract design problem and thats all to get interview calls.

Thank you again for sharing this. :)

Great work im sriram fullstack javascript developer I have a whatsapp group dedicated to coders to collaborate on fun hobby projects if you wanna join please follow the group link chat.whatsapp.com/Hoa6dNwsG4RJOgN9...


I cannot stress enough how important is You don't know JS by Kyle Simpson for mastering Javascript.


Yup though the long paragraphs had me more confused at times. It does require more patience to complete the whole thing for sure.


Thanks for the resources. Quick question if you don't mind talking about you mention you got fired. Could you explain more on the experience. Don't need to answer if is more a personal issue. :)


Well they simply didn't have clients to set me up with. Moreover I worked on 3 projects in 4 weeks and they wanted me to work on weekends and then immediately I was called to be told that we are letting you go.

I've been relaxing since past 3 weeks I think I'm getting mature because I feel bit fed up with all these result oriented attitude every single time even during the interview if you stuck at

hoisting doesn't happen with let/const keyword. But you know about Event-loop in javascript so you don't know basics. Okay bye. This is an actual conversation I had few months back while giving an interview.

but this attitude might hit me up bad.


Yeah, the attitude needs improvement but also have seen not appropriate people doing the interview. thanks for sharing the story and being honest.


Great Article! Thank you for this! I posted an article on some essential javascript concepts if you are interested to see : Tricky JavaScript Questions


Sure thanks for sharing


For a newbie like me, m always on the lookout for great resources. Thanks for sharing:)
M currently practicing from: interviewbit.com/react-interview-q...
Would recommend checking this site out, if you haven't already:)
They have some amazing set of interview questions.


Big thanks for this awesome collection


Keep hustling, hope it helps!


"To prepare for front-end interview, you must know Redux Saga"

Are you even remotely serious?


Even I don't know Redux Saga yet but in the circuit here they do ask about it and redux thunk as well, so from those many experiences I just put it on the list here.


A fun way to learn about CSS - Flexbox: mastery.games/p/flexbox-zombies

Also, Scrimba has a lot of free courses for learning front-end: scrimba.com/


Oh great! Thank you for sharing scrimba. There is also Flex-box froggy, its cute and fun to learn flex-box quickly.

There is also bento.io provides something similar to scrimba but it is quite cluttered now. Last year I checked it was more organised to follow.


Please elaborate on Redux Saga vs Thunk? I'm new to the Redux community and this is my first time seeing Saga and I wonder how popular it is in the community?


Oh okay I'd collect and organise things on it and share. I know and worked with ReduxThunk but don't know much about saga since it also uses Generator function.

I'll do research and surely add. Thanks for mentioning it. :)