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Should I carry on with Django or Node.js?

Hello everyone I'm just another fellow beginner, I've been trying to learn Node.js from mostly YouTube videos and MDN and other online resources. (learnyounode, FreeCodeCamp) also created simple To-Do app, a login app, now I'm trying to create a simple blog website with Node.js Express.js and server side rendering with .ejs but somehow I feel like bit weird and overwhelming while using so many libraries and/or functions like

  • CORS,
  • JWT,
  • passport.js for login signup and creating local strategy'
  • body-parser (which I still forget to understand that why we needed it in first place.)
  • cookie-session ( which I understood only because of passport.js)

2 months ago I was practicing I've created simple blog site and and a photo collections library site with Pytho- Django 2 months ago and I felt a little comfortable as Python itself feels more organised and well structured, I have heard that Django is just another framework not a run time like Node.js is, and it really provide many inbuilt facilities.

  • I'm a little more Comfy with Python is because during college and elsewhere I've practice DS & Algorithms in Java and C and that's why I can also try that in Python but in JS its not the case. Moreover, I'm still trying to practice more DS & Algorithms with

But right now I feel lost with Node.js every single day, and don't know how to proceed creating blog (particularly I've just implemented the login signup thing and yet to create the blog post model). You might wonder why am I juggling? That is because after looking at angelList (here in India) there are more opportunities with Node. I hope to start applying soon and land at some intriguing work place, I am under such a pressure from parents for that.

What are your thoughts on this?

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