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Divyesh Parmar
Divyesh Parmar

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Why doesn't's app give notifications?

I have been using this app since few months and I would like to know why it never pops out notifications of new likes, comments, etc. Is it because of the PWA?

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Hi Divyesh, I believe the app right now doesn't support push notifications. It's a shell around the web app.

There's an open issue on the matter:

Push Notification #10

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. The app currently does not notify users that they have received a notification.

Describe the solution you'd like This seems to require combination of JavaScript injection and 3rd party service like Firebase. It should also allow user to change their notification preference.

Describe alternatives you've considered n/a

Additional context DEV's connect's message notification should be treated separately from a normal notification.

Hope this helps!

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Divyesh Parmar

ok thank you for updating I didn't know that this is open source on github.