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Obed Tandadjaja
Obed Tandadjaja

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Firebase/Firestore is becoming too complicated of a product. Am I the only one?

Does anyone feel like Firestore is becoming too complicated for the average user? I used Firestore for my most recent project and the amount of customization and options is just overwhelming. From security rules, cache vs. server fetch, snapshots, pending writes, etc. The product is not as beginner-friendly as it used to be before.

Am I the only one who feels this way?

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Ian • Edited on

I actually used Firebase + Firestore for a Dashboard at my last job. The problem I ran into was that it was too limited for what I was trying to do.
Looking back, it probably wasn't the right piece in the stack for a dashboard, SQL probably would have been better.

I specifically picked it because other people at my job were using it for other projects, and it was super beginner friendly.
Mongodb has gone a similar route recently but I haven't looked too much into it.

Overall, I'd say Firebase + Firestore is my favorite for when I just want to get a project up and running without too much hassle. You can't beat having user authentication work at a click of a button.

When it comes to the new complexity it's received through recent updates, I'll say what I always say. Don't worry about a feature until you run into a problem that is fixed by that Feature. Otherwise you'll run into decision paralysis and that's never fun.

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Frederik 👨‍💻➡️🌐 Creemers

I think it's still beginner friendly, though I guess maybe they coulod do a better job of making it clear what you need to know for a basic app, and which things are advanced concepts?

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James 'Dante' Midzi

I'm commenting because I would like to hear some thoughts.

I haven't used Firebase in a while

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Ivan Jeremic • Edited on

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