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How to Create Tags in Microsoft Azure

Tags are name/value pairs that enable you to categorize resources and view consolidated billing by applying the same tag to multiple resources and resource groups - Microsoft Azure
Tags are metadata elements and key-value pairs that help to identify resources based on settings that are relevant to an organization.
They logically organise Azure resources, resource groups, subscriptions, and management groups hierarchy into taxonomy or for better filtering, monitoring or either for querying a few scenarios.
Each tag consists of a name and a value pair.
Tags are very useful for rolling up billing information and their name is case insensitive, but their value pair is case sensitive.

Image description

Steps to Create Tags in Microsoft Azure

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Search and click on policy

Image description

Step 3:

  • Click on Assignments Image description

Step 4:

  • Click on 'Assign Policy' Image description

Step 5:

  • Click on 'Policy definition'

Image description

Step 6:

  • Search for 'Tag'
  • Click on 'Require a tag and its value on resources'
  • Add

Image description

Step 7:
Click on 'Parameters' to add your Tag Name and Tag Value

Image description

Step 8:

  • Tag Name: Name of Environment
  • Tag Value: Name of the company
  • Click 'Review + Create'

Image description

Step 9:

  • Create

Image description

Step 10:
Create a Storage Account and add Tag

  • Click Home to create a Storage Account Image description

Step 11:

  • Create Image description

Step 12:

  • Subscription: Choose your subscription
  • Resource Group: Choose a resource group if you already have one
  • Storage Account Name: Choose a unique name across all existing accounts in Azure
  • Region: Choose your region
  • Click on ' Tag' to add tag Image description

Step 13:

  • Use the same name you chose Name and Value in step 8
  • Review Image description

Step 14:

  • Create

Image description

Step 15:
We have successfully created a policy and added a tag on the resource.
The tag in the resource is 'obicloud' as shown in the attached pic.
Image description

To delete the policy assignment
Step 16:

  • Click on 'Home'
  • Follow step 2
  • Click on 'Require a tag and its value on resources' Image description

Step 17:

  • Delete Assignment

Image description

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