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How to Create a Resource Lock in Microsoft Azure

Resource Locks in Microsoft Azure are powerful protection mechanism that can prevent modification or deletion of resources from an unauthorised source. It provides a method to lock subscriptions, resource groups or individual resources to protect them from intentional or accidental deletion and modification.

Image description

Steps to Create a Resource Lock:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Click on Resource Group or search for Resource Group in the search bar, in case you don't find it on your portal Image description

Step 3:

  • Click on Create Image description

Step 4:

  • Subscription: Choose your subscription
  • Resource Group: Choose a name of your choice
  • Region: Any region or your region
  • Review and Create Image description

Step 5:

  • Click on Create Image description

Step 6:
Your Resource Group is created

  • Click on it to access it Image description

Step 7:
To add a Lock to your Resource Group

  • Click on Lock Image description

Step 8:

  • Click on Add
  • Lock name: Choose any name
  • Lock type: Choose Read Only or Delete; depending on the type of lock you intend to achieve
  • Notes: Optional but it helps to reiterate your message
  • Click OK Image description

Step 9:
Click Home to create a Storage Account

  • Click Storage Account Image description

Step 10:

  • Create Image description

Step 11:

  • Subscription: Choose your subscription
  • Resource Group: Ensure you choose the resource group you want to lock. Using it means you're saving your storage account in the resource group
  • Storage Account Name: Choose a unique name across all existing accounts in Azure
  • Region: Choose your region
  • Click Review

Image description

Step 12:

  • Create

Image description

Step 13:
Storage account is created

  • Click on 'Go to resource' to view

Image description

Step 14:
Try to delete and see the error message

  • Click on Delete in order to test if your resource group lock worked
  • Copy the resource group name
  • Paste in the arrow part on the right bottom of your screen
  • Delete Image description

Image description

Step 15:
The error message is because of the locks on the resource group Locks must be removed before resource can be deleted
This implies that the resource was locked correctly
Image description

Step 16:
The way to successfully remove a lock resource:

  • Go to Home and click on the resource group
  • Click on Locks Image description

Step 17:

  • Click on Delete
  • You can also change the lock type to 'Read Only' by clicking on 'edit' close to 'delete'
  • See the 2nd picture to view what pops up if you want to change the lock type

Image description

Image description

Step 18:
Go back to the resource group and try to delete the storage account after the removing the lock

  • Storage account was deleted successfully because of the removal of the locks Image description

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