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I've launched my own startup :)

octocodeio profile image Wojciech Dasiukiewicz ・1 min read

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Yesterday I launched my own startup - I need your help. Please give me feedback on what you think about this project. I know it’s not something very unique but I have few ideas to make some disruption.

What is Meetendly?
Meetendly is an app which helps you schedule your meetings.

It’s for you?
Yes if you need one place where you can redirect your clients and give them the possibility to book a meeting with you.

How it works?
You create a meeting type for example:
Subject: JavaScript consultations
Duration: 60 min.
Price: $50

Then you will receive a unique link to your calendar where your customers can book an appointment. This is my own link for a PHP private lesson.

Payment gateways
For now, you can use 3 payment gateways: PayPal, P24, PayU. I am working on Stripe integration.

Other features
I created a release plan for this year. You can find it here :)

Questions for you

  1. What do you think about the brand?
  2. What do you think about the app?
  3. Will you use it?
  4. Do you have someone to whom you can recommend Meetendly?

Discussion (13)

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Fum • Edited
  1. What do you think about the brand? - I like the use of yellow.
  2. What do you think about the app? - Nice idea! I used your link to see how to book a meeting and just one comment. When I was on the page to enter contact details there's no way to go back to the calendar unless I refresh the page. It would be good to have a back button somewhere.
  3. Will you use it? - I don't have need for something like this right now but will consider in the future.
  4. Do you have someone to whom you can recommend Meetendly? - I will share if I know someone looking for an app like this!
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Wojciech Dasiukiewicz Author

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate that <3

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Luca Scala
  1. It’s cool but I’ve the feeling you’ll find a better name in the near future!
  2. It could be really helpful! It’s an unique gateway for booking and paying time, it brings value to your routine.
  3. Maybe yes, but what about a deeper integration with blogs and/or platforms like
  4. Yes!
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Wojciech Dasiukiewicz Author

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I will work on integrations. For now, I want to make integrate with Google Calendar. The completed roadmap is here

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Noel Emmanuel • Edited

I would love to ask a question ,how are you going to face Google meet which is a big competition and what makes your product different and better than Google meet?
Check out their website and features they offer all for free at Googlemeet. Yours isn't free and i'm not trying to discourage you,i'm just trying to see if you have a better product to offer and if you can keep up with competitions

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Very nice implementation, I like it very much, congrats!

If you want to support Spanish I’ll be happy to translate the app for you free of charge, I’d only need the strings in English. DM me if you are interested!

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Andrei Dascalu

When you say "your calendar" does it mean it can integrate with the likes of outlook/Google for providing slots?

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Wojciech Dasiukiewicz Author

Integration with Google Calendar will be soon available <3 When your customer book an appointment in Meetendly then we lock a slot in your google calendar.

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Andrei Dascalu • Edited

I mean more in the way that Meetendly won't for example book a slot that's unavailable in a linked calendar (or pull events that exist in a linked calendar so that those times won't be available for booking).

This is actually the most annoying thing with just about all similar tools I tried. You can offer others the ability to book a meeting with you but you need to manually manage your availability in yet another calendar, even though they say they integrate with Google and/or Outlook. That always means that the meeting will appear in the linked calendar, even if you already had an event there.

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Wojciech Dasiukiewicz Author

Yes, it will be two-way integration. Locked slots can't be booked via Meetendly and every booking in Meetendly will lock a slot in Google Calendar.

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Noel Emmanuel • Edited

1.Meetendly is a good platform for meetings and you know there are platforms like zoom for video call meetings and WhatsApp businness for group meetings and slack for organizations,you should try and integrate meetendly with these platforms or features these platforms provide and a Google calendar to organize and schedule meetings and also a messaging feature,users will surely have a great User experience with your platform and fetch you more users by recommending your platform to others .

2.Your product is not free ,people pay for your product and that's your business model. But the charges are much ,
,you should make it a fixed price so that first users can pay for it when they first encounter your platform because first impression matters most in a startup e.g. Monthly:$5,yearly:$30, you'll surely get billions of users one day ,multiply $5 × billions of users,just don't give up,be persistent and patient ,always update your product and let users have a good experience with meetendly ,nice colors by the way and great UI ,nice name by the way.

3.Yes I will love to use it to organize meetings for me and my team members.

4.Some business people on my chatlist and I'll also advertise it on all my social media platforms

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Henry Boisdequin

Great job! I know some people who would be interested in Meetendly, will definitely recommend it!

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I was actually looking for something like this and i might give it a try for my agency.. do you have localization available?

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