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Announcing Capsulelink: A tool for grouping, saving, and sending links as one

With the beginning of this year, I set my new years resolution on shipping/ deploying more products. Even if I am not so satisfied how they ended up, I will ship the end result, and see the engagement I get from users. So to get right on with the topic.

I published little more than a week ago. It is a simple tool that lets you save multiple links into one, and ease you the pain of sending many links to many other people. Instead, you just send them one link, and it will contain all of the others.

First version of

At first, it was a barebone product, with limited features. But I'm constantly adding more useful stuff to it.


Links created by anonymous users (users who are not logged in) expire after 48h, while if you have an account, your links won't ever expire. So it is a good and quick way of saving some pages you are currently researching, and access them at any time.

Group link

Also, there are private links for registered users. Private links are only visible to the user who created them.

Private links

Recently I saw the direction where this app was going, so I added the upvoting feature, and trending page. This way, other people can discover useful links, that are legitimately useful.

Not to lie, I discovered some pretty good tools myself, that other people posted, including websites, tools, articles and much more.

Then I saw that sometimes it is a pain to always have to switch to to paste the URL you want to save. So I created the chrome extension, and it turned out to be even easier to use than the website itself.

Chrome extension in action

You can find it here:

With one click you can add websites, and then when you added the pages you desired, with just one click you create the group link, and it is saved on the server.

Although, currently the chrome extension only creates anonymous links and does not support login feature, but I'm working on that and deploying it asap. Then you will be able to directly save to your profile.

Thank you for reading

I would love to hear some real user feedback and to have a chat with anyone interested. I'm open to suggestions and critics at any time. Let me know what you think I should improve in the comments, or message me on Twitter:

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cotcotcoder profile image

Nice idea. Very usefull to save some links found at work and get it at personnal computer. As logged user is an API available to get our last links ?

ognjengt profile image
Ognjen Gatalo

I haven't publicised the API yet, but I may in the future

sebastiannielsen profile image
Sebastian-Nielsen • Edited

This is so cool. What languages did you use for this project?

ognjengt profile image
Ognjen Gatalo

Thank you Sebastian!
Tech stack consists of Angular 1, Node.js and MongoDB