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How to become a Microsoft Student Ambassador

Microsoft offers students a chance to be ambassadors for them on their local campuses and help grow their tech and leadership skills.

What is the Microsoft Student Ambassadors (formerly called Microsoft Student Partners ) program?

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program is a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help students and their communities, lead in their local tech circles, and develop technical and career skills for the future.

Now that you know what that is, what does it really mean to be an MSA?

It means you’ll be supported while you build your local community, make a difference, lead others, learn and share. You’ll get access to Microsoft resources and experts to help you on your journey, including exclusive entry into our global student network. You’ll connect with Microsoft experts on Microsoft Teams, get a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and Azure credits, plus other cool things.

The Student Ambassadors program prepares students for future careers through opportunities to build vibrant communities and share the latest in tech with their peers. Through exclusive access to Microsoft resources, such as Microsoft Learn, Visual Studio Code, and Azure credits, Student Ambassadors are equipped to build their technology skillset through hands-on learning. In addition, you have the opportunity to develop your leadership and entrepreneurship skills through hosting events on your campus, networking with other students and Microsoft professionals, and building interdisciplinary skills, such as public speaking, and social media and personal branding.

What other benefits are there?

You get to help others

Make a difference, expand your impact, and share your passions through original content, peer mentoring, and facilitating opportunities such as Microsoft Imagine Cup teams and student hackathon events.

Be a Microsoft Tech Insider

Get unique access to Microsoft resources and personnel that help you lead in your community and provide opportunities to be part of a team while you prepare for graduation.

Grow your skills

Master career and tech skills and build your leadership reputation with access to tools, learning resources, and special offers like Azure credits and opportunities to learn directly from Microsoft experts.

Be cool

Well, not everyone can get to say they volunteer for Microsoft, right? You get to stand out and be a voice, an inspiration and a beacon of light to others.

Good to see you’re following, now one question is “Who can apply?”

To apply, you must be at least 16 years old, have valid identification and be actively enrolled in an accredited, higher education academic institution.
Now, you do not need to be a tech genius or a computer science student to apply. Microsoft encourages students from all academic backgrounds who want to grow their career and tech skills while making a difference in their communities to apply. Some experience in coding or technology is helpful, but there are tools and resources to help you learn in the program.

Finally, how to apply?


Head over to, click on “Apply Now”

Step 2

You would be required to create a Microsoft account if you do not have one and then proceed to the form to fill in the required fields.

Step 3

You may be required to do a short video, no need to be afraid. Just be yourself, be confident, and put on a smile!

Step 4

Complete any other additional steps and submit! Once the application is filled and submitted, you can edit it until the time it goes under review.

That’s it! Wait for feedback and do not forget to share the good news when you do get accepted!

At the time of writing, applications are open so jump right in!


I do hope you take a step to apply today and if you need to reach out for more questions, feel free to reach out via:

Twitter: @_simplytammy
Instagram: @_simplytammy
Dev: @simplytammy

🎉 🥳

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