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Ramen has file Downloads now! (New Backend Framework)

So I have been busy with all the examination and stuffs which is going on right now. But apart from that I have added typescript to ramen now. It's in the main branch! And now you are also able to send files as a response. I'm still working on the fact that You can not yet upload files in ramen. But I don't think it should take that long, I will look into some different open source file uploads / downloads packages available in like multer or something like that. And from That I'd probably figure out how to do something like this

This is the current status about Ramen. I would love to get more suggestions on what I should do next in the future updates and what I should fix. All the bug reports and issues are appreciated in the git repository

This is what I'm thinking of doing with the current version of Ramen in future:

  • add inbuilt request caching mechanism
  • I don't really know what else can I add to make this better lol

anyways here's a cat till then :) see ya in the next blog which I write on ramen :D
cutu cat

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