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Subhrodip Mohanta
Subhrodip Mohanta

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Corona Virus Tracker Application

I have made a Spring Boot Application that updates every 30 minutes to show the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases from across the globe in different regions


Application Link :

Link to Code :

I have used Spring Boot Framework to build this application and link the backend to frontend using Thymeleaf to display the data. The application is packaged in a jar and has also been dockerized.

Both of these packages can be found under packages and releases inside my GitHub repo

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I have been using GitKraken Pro which is absolutely amazing in managing projects. I would like to thank GitHub for providing uncountable tools and softwares for free to Student Developers

I would love if somebody to contribute to the project on developing the frontend part of this project as it has been the bare minimum.

Thank You.

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