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Only 1 way to organize your messy articles

oimob13 profile image Oimo ・2 min read

You suffer from your messy articles in Dev Community and messy google search results.

I know you have wrote many articles in Dev Community. I know you feel your articles are messy to find out.

Or, I'm sure you are in this situation many times. During coding, you often search a lot of things such as algorithms, syntax, trouble shooting, and so on. Finally, you accomplish your work through trial and error.


However, you notice that you forget all and search the same things again in next project (or next day). At that time, you might be irritated because you could not find the same page you found before or face to 404. If you memorized them in your cookbook, you could have found it out soon.

Only 1 way to organize your messy articles

ownCookbook is the platform that you make your own cookbooks and share the recipes easily. The uniquest point of ownCookbook is that you can arrange your articles in each book. It means you can make your own cookbooks, like 'Modern C++ Programming Cookbook', 'Python Cookbook', 'Go Programming Cookbook', and so on.

You can organize your articles in each book

You can arrange your messy articles in each book. It is very useful to arrange your knowledge and skills, and it is easy to find out your article later.


User friendly markdown editor

Markdown editor of ownCookbook is very user friendly.

Alt Text

You can write down your article and check its preview at the same time.

Don't worry if you don't remember the markdown syntax. Convenient icons help you to write markdown like WYSIWYG editor.

It's perfectly free.

It's perfectly free and you can stop using any time. Let's try it.



Discussion (4)

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Cooper Riehl • Edited

Thanks for sharing, this seems like a useful tool and I will check it out!

It looks like you're the primary developer of this tool. If so, I think it's important to mention this in your article. That way, people will understand that your point of view may be biased (since we rarely point out flaws in our own tools).

I would also avoid using terms like "only one way to do X". I have many ways of organizing my thoughts, and your statement that "this is the only correct way" makes me uncomfortable. It makes your article feel more like an advertisement, rather than sharing and discussing a useful tool. I think that avoiding this kind of language will make people more likely to give it a try.

oimob13 profile image
Oimo Author

Thank you for your comment. We are very happy if you write a honest review of ownCookbook in DEV Community.

bharadwaj6262 profile image
Vishnubhotla V D V Bharadwaj

The interface is really good and gonna try it.

oimob13 profile image
Oimo Author


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