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Progress: my contribution to the open source project

I planned how to contribute to an open source project last week and wrote about it in my previous blog. In the blog, I mentioned I would write a progress blog on Monday, so here I am!


For the last assignment(we call Release) of my open source course, I've decided to contribute to an open source project which is my college's C language course notes. The issue I'm working on is about "Standardize frontmatter across all pages". When we contributed to the project in our last Release, we added slug as one of the properties for frontmatter. However, it made links broken since internal links use page names vs. slugs, so my professor told me to review some of the PRs if they included it.

Made a PR

I've done the following for the standardization of Frontmatter:

  • Added id, title, sidebar_position, and description for all markdown pages
  • Each property of frontmatter was unified in order
  • Unified format of description
  • Shortened description to maximum 160 characters (Reason: description becomes the <meta name="description" content="..."/> inside the <head>tag, and Google generally truncates snippets to ~155-160 characters)
  • Added "Standardize frontmatter" to the file

Getting reviews and change requests

One of my classmates reviewed my changes, and he asked me to reinsert slug in the root of the file, and also add a step in the Workflow in Also, one of the repo's owners requested to change some descriptions in the frontmatter. When I worked on Standardizing frontmatter, the description was hard since I'm familiar with the course notes, but I wasn't very good at C language.

Next step

The goal for this Release is for my PR to get merged by this Friday. However, I didn't change any codes in this contribution. I still need to make more PRs for my previous Releases. It would be a lot of things to do in my final exams week. I will try my best and put lots of effort into all of these Releases.

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