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Idris Olubisiđź’ˇ
Idris Olubisiđź’ˇ

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Get Paid to Write for These 45+ Websites

"How can I acquire more opportunities?" is a question I ask myself from time to time, and it was a major concern for me.

As a result, I'd like to provide a list of a few websites that pay you to create technical articles. You may see their name, URL, and the estimated payment amount.

  • Adam the Automator

    • $100+ per article
    • IT operations, cloud, and DevOps technical tutorials. You have the option of selecting from a list of suggested themes or submitting your own. Run by a Microsoft MVP, this site was created to assist geeks in improving their writing skills and getting started with blogging.
  • Adeva

    • $200+ per article
    • Engineering Managers will benefit from technical guides, thought leadership materials, and tools.
  • Agora

    • $250 per article
    • For the Agora community, technical content and tutorials.
  • Arctype

    • $100+ per article
    • SQL and Databases technical manuals, case studies, and thought leadership.
  • Auth0

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Code-based technical tutorials.
  • CircleCI

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Tutorials that contains code for technical subjects. Choose an article from a list.

    • Up to $600 per piece
    • How-to instructions and technical tutorials.
  • Code Tuts+

    • $100 (Quick tip) $250 (Tutorial)
    • Articles with a technical focus.

    • Up to $500 per piece
    • Cloud, DevOps, Containers, AI/ML, Security, Web, and Gaming-related articles.
  • Couchbase

    • $200 per piece
    • Content area experts can submit tutorials and blog content.
    • Currently on Hold
  • CSS Tricks

    • Around $250 per piece (depends on the length, research and audience)
    • Technical focused articles. No limitation on topics.
  • Cube Dev

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Building analytical apps, data visualization, and data engineering are covered in technical tutorials and blog posts using Cube.js. Choose from a list of suggestions or make your own.
  • Deepsource

    • Around $150 per piece
    • Code quality, code review, and static analysis are all covered in this section.
  • Dev Spotlight

    • Around $300-$500 per piece depending on length and content
    • Technical content production agency that works with many clients.
  • Dockship

    • $200
    • Data Science and Machine Learning To be able to create content, you must be logged in.

    • Pays $300-$500 per piece
    • A technical content agency with a diverse client base.
  • FaunaDB

    • $200-$500 per piece
    • The content centered on serverless development and FaunaDB technical education.
  • Hasura

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Hasura or GraphQL technical tutorials with code.
  • Honeybadger

    • From $500 per piece
    • Ruby and Elixir tutorials with code. Pick from a list of possible articles.
  • ImageKit

    • $300 per piece
    • A technical tutorial on ImageKit and Image Optimization.
  • Linode

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Specialized instructional exercises with code on Linux or Linode.
  • LoginRadius

    • Up to $200 per piece
    • Technical tutorials with code. Not limited to LoginRadius products.
  • LogRocket

    • Up to $350 per piece
    • Technical tutorials with code. Write about anything frontend.
  • Neptune

    • Up to $500 per article.
    • Articles about machine learning and data science, as well as how-to instructions and tutorials.
  • Okta

    • Paid through Toptal based on your hourly rate
    • Technical tutorials and demos using Okta's products.
  • Paperspace

    • $200-$300 per piece
    • Get paid to publish articles about data science, machine learning, and other topics.
  • PHP Architect

    • $175 per piece
    • Technical articles about PHP.
  • Rancher

    • $300 per piece
    • Writing about devops, Kubernetes, and Rancher.
  • Real Python

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Technical tutorials with code. Pick from a list of possible articles.

    • Up to $250 per piece
    • Articles and how-to instructions with a technical focus.

    • $100 to $150 per article
    • Computer Science university students can contribute articles for cash to a blog about engineering education.
  • SitePoint

    • $250 per article
    • Development, design, and the business concepts that underpin them are all covered in depth. The most popular channels are JavaScript and PHP.
  • Smashing Magazine

    • $200 to $250 per article
    • Technical focused articles. No limitation on topics.
  • Software Engineering Daily

  • Soshace

    • $100 per piece
    • Tutorials on web development teach the skills needed to test, deploy, grow, and optimize apps.
  • Strapi

    • Up to $200 per piece
    • Vue, Open Source, JavaScript, GraphQL, Jamstack, and React are examples of articles or tutorials with code that highlight use-cases, solutions, and projects made with Strapi. Choose a report from a list of possibilities or submit your own.
  • TakeShape

    • Up to $300 per piece
    • Code-based web development tutorials. React, JavaScript, GraphQL, and Jamstack are examples of general frontend concepts. Choose an article from a list of possibilities or submit your own.
  • Tech Beacon

    • $400 per piece
    • Development, DevOps, QA, and security are all covered in depth.
  • TechWell

    • $200 per piece
    • A vast range of technical and business topics is taken into account.

    • $300-$500 per guest post
    • Web development tutorials are designed to teach critical skills needed to test Tutorials on web development that teach the skills needed to test, deploy, grow, and optimize apps.
  • Tutorialspoint

    • Up to $500 per piece
    • In-depth tutorials on technical and business topics.
  • Twilio

    • Up to $500 per piece
    • Technical tutorials with code. A writer doesn't necessarily have to use Twilio.
  • TypingDNA

    • Up to $500 per piece
    • Technical articles/tutorials related to TypingDNA.
  • Vonage

    • $500 per piece
    • Technical tutorials and general pieces on programming

    • $200 per piece
    • Wordpress tutorials and articles.



I hope you found this post to be informative.

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Cameren Dolecheck

Wow, this is a surprisingly helpful list. I never knew so many places would pay for articles. I'm definitely going to be checking some of these out. Thanks.

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Idris Olubisiđź’ˇ

I'm glad you find it useful

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Alen Abraham