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Idris Olubisi💡
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How to Add a README File to Your GitHub Profile

Hi guys! I trust y’all had a good day?

Our focus today is the amazing special feature for developers, designers, etc. that was added by GitHub recently. This feature allows you to showcase yourself not just by building but by adding information about your work, portfolio, and anything else on your GitHub Profile.

Have got some favorites readme I will like to share with you before we proceed:





Now let's create something magical 🤗

Some prerequisite :

  • Create a GitHub account
  • Basic Markdown knowledge for a smooth experience

Steps are as follows:

  • Create a new public repository with your username and ensure you use the same case as your GitHub username.


  • Click on the checkbox: Initialize this repository with a README file. This will create a file inside your repository.


  • Now you can edit the readme to your taste. Remember, you can add images, text, lists, etc. You also get a free template from GitHub out of the box.


You can check out a special 😎 repository on my Profile


Link to useful Resources

At the end of this article, you have successfully set up your special repository.

I hope you find this article useful :)

Share a Link to your GitHub profile in the comment section, we will be glad to check it out 😉

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Rahul Jain

Tired of updating GitHub profile README with the latest features again & again?

If yes, then I have developed a tool to do the same for you in just 1 click 🤓

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Just fill in the details such as Name, Tagline, Dev Platforms Username, Current Work, Portfolio, Blog, etc. with a minimal UI.

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  • Dynamic Personal Blogs from RSS Feed (GitHub Action)

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  • Buy Me A Coffee button

Click on Generate README to get your README in markdown

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Idris Olubisi💡 • Edited

This is super cool 😎 @rahuldkjain

ptprashanttripathi profile image
Pt. Prashant tripathi • Edited

Hey guys check out mine, and give some valuable feedback

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Idris Olubisi💡

Awesome design

miguelmj profile image

I modified mine a lot until I was happy with it. Let me know you thoughts! Criticism is welcome.

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Idris Olubisi💡 • Edited

I love the simplicity @miguelmj you rock 🎉